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The Wish

My friend Gail has always wanted to go to St Thomas. Her 3 children live far away and she would like to have some family time with them. She loves walks on the beach and snorkeling. They also enjoy fishing and cooking their own catch! They have never had the opportunity to go away as a family and I don't think she has much time left to spend with them all.

The Experience

We were like two teenagers just having silly fun! This trip really made a difference for us and helping air our minds!

Oh my!! We had such a marvelous time!  When we returned I had three days of chemo and I'm just getting back on my feet.  My husband and I can't thank you enough for the wonderful time we had at the Coral Sands!  The experience there was SO WONDERFUL!  We needed time to just reconnect ourselves together with some fun, laughter and love, and this was definitely the place to do it!

The Bahamians have a way of making you feel so loved & welcomed from the moment you arrive that you never want to leave.  

Our room was so beautiful, with a view of the pool, gardens and the ocean!!  Apparently, our hosts took a liking to us immediately and gave us a free room upgrade even when we arrived!  When you do arrive at the Coral Sands, you are greeted with many smiling faces and a welcoming glass of champagne or fresh water while you wait to have your bags brought to your room.  You are personally taken to your room for its full approval and explained all of its amenities.  Every staff member is always doing something wonderful to make your experience a memorable one!

We rented a golf cart for two days and took this small 3 mile island on like it was our job!!  

We were like two teenagers just having silly fun! This trip really made a difference for us and helping air our minds!

The joy of being at a beach swimming in turquoise, crystal clear water; beach combing for "treasures" to bring back home; making friends with the locals and eating lots of fresh seafood from Bay Street made a sweet 4-day weekend into a healing retreat!

Once again, we cannot say Thank You enough!

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