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When Scott Petinga was diagnosed with cancer in 2004, he realized there might be no more tomorrows. And though he was declared “cancer free” in 2007, that challenging journey catapulted him, both professionally and personally, in positive directions he never anticipated.

Grateful for his health and the opportunities in his life, Scott felt compelled to make a difference in the cancer community. He now serves as a board member at Caring Bridge, a Mentor Angel with Chicago-based organization Imerman Angels, and as Marketing Committee Chair at Minneapolis-based Angel Foundation.

Board Members

Along with a fierce commitment to improve the lives of adults facing life-threatening illnesses, each member of our board brings unique perspective to the organization. Drawing upon personal experience and our expertise in business and medicine, we hope to bring solace and fulfillment to everyone touched by the Fairy Foundation.



After her own cancer diagnosis, Jessica became involved in cancer support and education. She has assisted and supported others during their cancer journeys, written about parenting through medical challenges, and participated in patient advisory boards. She also serves as a Mentor Angel with the Chicago-based organization Imerman Angels.

With a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Jessica brings a unique perspective to the patient experience. Married with two young children, she understands the challenges facing young adults with cancer and how cancer impacts the entire family unit.



Raised in a household focused on the treatment, care, and financial support of cancer patients in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, area, Douglas’s passionate commitment to the treatment of patients with incurable cancer is deeply rooted.

Following an Internal Medicine residency at the University of Utah, Douglas joined The Ohio State University as a National Institute of Health Clinical Research Fellow, where he concentrates on the treatment of multiple myeloma patients and the establishment of early phase clinical trials in this patient population. As a patient advocate on the front lines of medicine, Douglas understands the incredible emotional and physical hardships endured by cancer patients on a daily basis, and remains committed to serving those affected by cancer as a tribute to his brave patients.